Fire Features

Add some magic to your evenings spent outdoors. Time with friends and family is always richer when gathered around a cozy fire. Whether it’s swapping stories in front of a luxurious natural stone fireplace, or creating a rustic meal in a wood-fired pizza oven, or simply roasting treats on a built-in fire pit, fire has a way of making any gathering special.

Benefits of fireplaces, ovens, fire pits, radiant heaters, lanterns:

  • Provides light
  • A natural gathering place
  • Provides warmth on cool nights
  • A timeless, romantic beauty

Take that up a notch by adding a few extra comforts:

  • Cozy cushioned furniture
  • Ambient lighting
  • Outdoor speakers or monitors
  • Additional radiant heaters
  • And of course…marshmallows!

Ask us about the many fireplace styles, in both gas and wood-fired, that we offer.

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